Lurking in the back alleys of London and St. Thomas stalked a killer. A number of bodies had begun to pile up, and the citizenry of South-western Ontario grew nervous, to say the least (terrified, to say the most). Worse yet, body parts were found strewn all over the gutters and sewers and no lawman had a clue where to begin to look for the suspect who the papers claimed had a surgeon’s skill with ...Read More

a blade, and left a mysterious ink mark under the skin of each victim…that of a small serpent.

Savannah Parent spent her formative years in the London/St. Thomas area, and was fascinated with art at an early age. She found the region stifling however, and travelled to the York region to attend an art academy before the age of twenty. There she studied various artistic styles and began to fall in love with the arts of skin pigmentation and “soul-staining”. Upon returning to South-western Ontario, Savannah found herself under the tutelage of the proprietors of Lucky Devil: Home of the Mark-of-the-Beast special. But her heart began to yearn once more for the sights, sounds and smells that swelled over thick from the streets and seeped into the alleyways and side-roads of York.

For a brief period the killings stopped in London, and the residents sighed relief, hoping that the killer, perhaps a military person or dark drifter, had moved on to another berg, or better yet, had met an ill fate his or herself. But alas, after a while, the murders resumed and became fevered and relentless for a period of three years, when suddenly, as abruptly as they had begun, the slayings ceased.

Savannah decided that she would continue her career in the town of York, studying and tattooing medium-large scale realistic specimens and highly rendered and stylized fantasy art (with a nod to nostalgia and a heavy lean on portraiture). Her mentor and superior-the elusive and equally mysterious ‘Colourful’ Carl Carscallen, owner and proprietor of Waycool Queen Street. For five years she lugged her medical bag through the downtown streets from her home to Way Cool, enthusiastically applying images to the skin of the eclectic clientele associated with York’s art, music and fashion districts. Eager for a more privatized setting, she searched for and settled on the studio for the Society of the Seven Crowns Tattoo, a mid-town haunt for high-society opium abusers and low-brow vaudevillians. A real den of seediness, but ideal for Ms. Savannah Parent’s purposes, to be sure.

In the town of York, a series of grisly murders that had begun three years prior began again. Disappearances of local vagrants resulted quite often in the discovery of body parts marked with the mysterious sub-dermal image of a single serpent. Only one witness had survived to tell of a dark-cloaked female figure carrying what appeared to be a medical bag in the area of one such incident. 6 years hence, the discovery of the bits and pieces have concluded, but the mysterious disappearances continue.