For the past decade or so, we here at the Society of the Seven Crowns have been blessed with the ability to present artwork from all over Canada. This March we are hosting a show that excites us to no end–possibly our biggest! The recent explosive popularity of Toronto’s own homegrown supernatural comic anthology ‘CAULDRON’ is well deserved. What is ‘CAULDRON’ you ask? It is a large format comic/magazine the likes of Heavy Metal, Epic Illustrated, Savage Sword of Conan, Creepy, Eerie, and Vampirella, but created by local artists.

In their own words:
We have a vision of a creative playground that showcases art and storytelling in a larger page size than the average comic book. Using genres that give the creators as much freedom as possible to realize their unfiltered visions.
Now, if knowledge of this gem’s existence isn’t enough to get you going, we announce to you that Seven Crowns Tattoo will have the honour of holding the release party of the magazine’s spring 2019 issue. Artwork by the artists involved in the magazine’s creation will be hung on our hallowed walls.

The artists that will be featured at this show are:

Shane Heron, Sam Noir, Ricky Lima, Casey Parsons, Robert Freeman
Adam Gorham, Shawn Daley, Loc Nguyen, Aaron Ber, Jason Tocewicz
Jeffrey Myles, Fred Kennedy, J.M. Clark, Aaron Ong, Matthew Tavares, R.B. White

To find out more about “CAULDRON” check out the link:
Any of you artists can attest to how arduous a project of this size and caliber can be. To help the gang out, click their kickstarter:

Please also feel free to share our Events page for Cauldron on Facebook!

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