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Almost every culture shares a legend–a story of malevolent and mischievous creatures that band together at twilight on early summer nights. In each tale, the motley crew tours or parades around a village with (quite normally) disastrous results for the citizens…unless, of course, they are protected by truth or by talisman. The European “Wild Hunt”, the Hawaiian “Nightmarchers”, the British “Unseelie Court” and the Japanese “Night Parade” are all examples of these phenomenon.

We at Seven Crowns now dutifully prepare to present to you our own “Night Parade”. On Saturday May 26th at 8 pm, at 2499 Yonge Street, as the sun goes down on our early summer’s night, the parade begins. An exhibition of ghostly figures and night time creatures will be unveiled, revealing an uncommon peek at the existence residing in the nooks and crannies between worlds. Works by the venerable troop here at the Society of the Seven Crowns will be on display for your perusal and wonderment. The night will be replete with fantastic fares provided by “Goodfellow’s Field to Fork” and potable potions from the “Granite Brewery”. For those with fear in their hearts, do be reassured that we will be preparing the requisite Onmyoji scrolls of protection for all comers.

                  Please join our artists, who include:

George Michael Brown III

Matthew Ellis

Savannah Parent

Robyn Lee

Mike Beddome

Emma James

Jessica Channer

And Jenn Babos


Click to view enlarge photos from the Opening night!


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