Dearest Franz,

I am excited to hear the news from your last communication that the Society has accepted me as a full member, and am looking forward to, at long last, settling in. These past several years of intermittent training and navigating the waters between São Miguel and the Port of York, not to mention the arduous trips over hills and rock to the town of Orange, have been exhausting. As you well know, I am no stranger to the seas, having most of my life been under service to Carlos of the House of Braganza, plundering for the realm and captaining ships and their crews at his pleasure. But my conscience will no longer allow me continue these pursuits for the monarchy.

And what would one expect of me now that my time on the water comes to an end? To settle down to homestead or turn out linguiça for the tourists and travellers in the port? No. You are fully aware of my ambitions, now that I elect to keep my feet aground. My earliest memories are of creating mock designs on my skin, imitating those of the great Perforators that lived in or passed through our little town. I dreamt of eventually participating in the application of art on the world’s people, allowing them to tell their stories to all through the symbols and sigils on their skin. And Franz, your letter this past August tells me that I did not dream in vain. As I look down from the Azores, it is with great anticipation that I prepare for this final voyage

Our chance meeting was timed exquisitely, as, you see, I was already in pursuit of my career of choice when our paths crossed. The Society was well known to me, and your association with this esteemed (yet deeply cryptic) establishment only deepened our connection. And the artwork that I collected from you that night was, and remains, amongst my favourite pieces. Once properly exposed to the wonderful mechanical instruments and pigments that night in Dublin, I was certain that I had selected a sure path for my future. One that, I hope in time, will lead me back to my village in the homeland, so that I may expand on the overarching aim of the Society to emblazen artwork on the peoples of the globe. But I am putting the carrinho before the mula, of course. Many years lay ahead of me in the comfort and under the tutelage of the Society.

My eternal gratitude, as stated in previous communications, for guiding me through the early formal introductions. My studies have been consistently been interrupted by outbreaks of plague and other responsibilities, but I am confident that I have received the most comprehensive of educations and the most rigorous of training programs possible. Confirmed, naturally, by your relayed correspondence from the Society’s directors. I am ready.

Please, be safe in your travels, and I understand that there is promise of your return to the Society someday soon. I, dare I say we, look forward to that possibility.

Your friend,


P.S. I fear there will never be a time that my palate will be fully acclimated to the flavour of this raccoon pemmican, as you have assured me time and again. Regards.