The Basics

Remove bandage the morning after you receive your tattoo (in the case of tattoos done early in the day, remove the bandage after a minimum of 6 hours). Always remove the bandage at home.

Using a brand new bar of mild, unscented soap (i.e. Ivory, etc.), warm water and your hands (a wash cloth can be too harsh and should not be used) thoroughly cleanse the area ensuring that all traces of Vaseline, excess pigment and blood are removed.

Rinse with clean water and gently pat the area dry with a clean towel.

Leave it alone for 2 days (do not clean, do not apply lotion, do not re-bandage).

Begin using Unscented Lubriderm (available at any pharmacy) at the beginning of the third day.

Wash your hands, and apply a very thin coat 2-3 times a day until the scabs and flaking are done, and the area regains its original texture.

We are here to ensure that you have the best work possible and we do guarantee it. Touch ups are, of course, covered in the first year.

Helpful Hints & Added Advice

Always follow this tattoo aftercare and the instructions of your tattoo artist over the advice of friends.  They may be well meaning but they are not trained professionals and bad advice may damage your tattoo.

Never re-cover your tattoo with a bandage or plastic covering.  This will suffocate the skin as well as create a moist area where bacteria can grow and cause infection, or cause scabs to come off prematurely.

KEEP YOUR TATTOO DRY UNTIL ALL THE SCABS HAVE COME OFF – usually 1-2 weeks.  Do not immerse the tattoo in water or let the shower spray hit it directly.  This will cause the scabs to be removed prematurely, often resulting in colour loss.

During the scabbing phase of your healing, the area may become very itchy.  Avoid scratching or picking at the tattoo.  This will remove scabs, which may cause loss of pigment and scarring.

Keep tight clothing away from your tattoo during the entire healing process.  In the case of leg and footwork, do not wear nylons, leggings or tight socks against the area.

Stay out of baths, pools, lakes, rivers, oceans, hot tubs and saunas until the tattoo is fully healed (usually 2 weeks to one month).

DO NOT EXPOSE THE TATTOO TO SUNLIGHT OR TANNING BEDS FOR 4 WEEKS.  After the initial four weeks, if you are going to expose it to sunlight or tanning, you must apply a sunscreen or sunblock to the area (SPF 30 or higher) to prevent fading.

Always ensure that clean clothing is covering the tattoo and that you are sleeping on clean bedding.  If you have pets that get into your bed, put a sheet on the bed during the day that can be removed at night to prevent pet hair and bacteria from interfering with the healing process.

At any time if you have any questions about your tattoo aftercare, please don’t hesitate to call or drop by.